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    There’s a reason why everyone is talking about SaleSumo. We bring in new truckloads of high quality merchandise every week and sell them off at 30%-80% off retail price. At SaleSumo, if you see something you need, grab it fast!

    It probably will be gone in an hour or two!


    Wet/Dry Vacuums

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    Lights & Ceiling Fans

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  • What People Are Saying.


    “Second time here and I have to say I won't go anywhere else for my tool needs! Kim was so helpful and so reasonable with her prices! This place has so many great finds and all the top brands. Go see Kim and Jessica today and get hooked up on any tools, home décor, and remodeling needs!”
    Ashley H. Sun City, AZ


    “Love this place! Super helpful! Great prices! Lots of fun things to look at! Best for thrifting!!”
    Shanna T. Glendale, AZ

    “Jorge and Kim were great during our experience. They were knowledgeable and helpful. Great deals in the AZ area! Must visit!”
    Kenan S. South Tempe, Tempe, AZ


    “Endless supply of home goods. Have found flooring for ourselves, mother in law, and father along with a vanity and more. Can't say enough about the great deals and courteous employees.”
    Nicole M. Phoenix, AZ


    “Wonderful experience!! Brian the owner is amazing and very easy to deal with!! Makes very fair deals. Also, the staff is amazing as well!! Everyone is smiling and definitely makes you want to return!!”
    Ferris O. Florence, AZ


    ‘We came to salesumo to look for a miter saw and ended up walking out with a whole cart! We scored big! Brian and Jessica were extremely helpful, and we will be back soon! Actually, we may be back tomorrow! Gotta score those deals!! Thank you Brian and Jessica!!”
    Joe D. Cave Creek, AZ


    “Most awesome deals! I could shop here all day. Staff is great, come check it out, you won't be disappointed.”
    Lyn C. Gilbert, AZ


    “Great discounts and lots to see especially if you are looking for a bundle of things at an affordable price”
    Wendy C. Maryvale Village, Phoenix, AZ


    “Brian and Jessica were awesome. A lot of collection and great stuff for cheaper prices.”

    Suba N. Phoenix, AZ


    “Great place to buy any kind of home improvement items! We purchased a new tool box, tile, bathroom vanity with a quartz top and so much more. The stock changes daily so recommend popping in and the staff is great and you're sure to find a great deal!" Thanks Brian and Rafa for the great deals and Jessica for taking our picture.”
    Terra T. Glendale, AZ


    “Rafa did an amazing job helping us find great things for our new house. We will definitely be back for more”
    John L. Glendale, AZ


    “Go see Bob for all the deals you could want. This place is fantastic, lots
    of Goodies to be found you just need a good keen eye and Bob for
    that great deal! BOB IS MAKING DEALS GREAT AGAIN!!!”

    Tilly K. Goodyear, AZ


    I've been to SaleSumo a few times and am never disappointed! Huge savings and the staff is friendly and very helpful. Went today and Brian gave me a phenomenal deal on laminate flooring!
    Kevin P. Buckeye, AZ


    “Bob hooked us up with an amazing deal!! Going home with some beautiful chandeliers. We had fun shopping here and will definitely be back!!!”
    Chelle O. Phoenix, AZ


    “They are awesome Make sure to give this place a try. Plan on spending a couple hours here. Don't bring kids because it will be way too hard to watch them while you're digging through buckets of stuff.”
    Wesley M. Mesa, AZ


    “Crazy place, tons of stuff. Will definitely be back. Tools, cabinets, flooring, doors...”
    Emmy F. Laveen Village, AZ


    “Great spot for finding greatest deals in town. Highly recommend, helpful staff, check it out for sure...”
    Debra D. Wyoming, MN


    “I come here every other week and buy carts full of electrical supplies for my business. Bob, Bryan, and Kim always give us good deals every time we walk out. Makes spending my times worth it.”
    Tommy D. Phoenix, AZ


    “Good place very nice people and very helpful but an air purifier and a Ryobi leaf mulcher and battery for 100 bucks all practically brand new definitely a good place be ready to look though cause they have a lot of things to go through but an amazing place And great deals. Definitely a place I'll be using for hardware or home items.”
    Brian N. Phoenix, AZ


    “We have been a couple times & have found incredible deals. The staff is very friendly. You have to take a little time out of your day to go because there's so much inventory, but it's worth it.”
    Jocelynn R. Chandler, AZ


    “Brian and Kim were awesome! Gave us an amazing deal both times we were in!! Definitely the place to go for any home tool needs!!”
    Seth C. Gilbert, AZ


    “This place is the bomb ... shop here before you head elsewhere. They have wonderful deals!!”
    Clara B. Morgan Hill, CA


    “Kim and Brian are great. Got a great deal on some chairs! They have so much stuff that I would get later in my life.”
    Cameron M. Scottsdale, AZ


    “When we came to Sale Sumo on Sunday, we were not expecting to get the great service that we did. Upon walking in the door, we were quickly greeted by Brian. He was informative and very kind he greeted us with a smile and an open arm. He seemed very happy to be there and made us feel like we were at home and not in a new environment we have never been in. He was patient and answered all of our question we did not feel rushed at all. The building was way bigger than we thought, and they had so many items and deals waiting for us. We have never walked in a place that gave us such a deal as this place. We went home that night telling our friends and family about this place. I would recommend you go see for yourself if you don't you are missing out on great deals and things for the whole family. You can get your hole Christmas list done in just a visit. Don't get me wrong they offer so many good things that it would take us a week of visits to see everything. They also get new items all the time so every time you visit, they have more to offer. Going back today we hope to see you guys there!”
    Tiffany W. Phoenix, AZ


    “First time here and can't wait to come back!! This place exceeded my expectations! The warehouse is huge. You have to go through carts, big bins to find the treasures. Kim gave us a great deal and included a military discount!!”
    Ivonne Z. Hemet, CA


    “Awesome deals. Very friendly staff. Bob hooked me up with a great dining table and the chairs. I would recommend you come down ASAP. If you love saving money and getting good quality stuff, this is the place for you.”
    Dizzle K. Tolleson, AZ


    “We are repeat customers and have even brought friends here. This place is amazing for home improvement projects! They have everything you could possibly need. Rafa and Brian were excellent. They gave wonderful customer service and amazing deals!”
    Dana R. Glendale, AZ


    “This place has everything!!!!!! Hardware, microwaves, tools, flooring, rugs, dishes, vanities, washer / dryer, mirrors, toilets............ Anytime I need something for my house I got here and you will pay a fraction of what it would cost at any other store.”
    Karah E. Phoenix, AZ


    “Amazing place! So many things for weekend projects, side-hustle projects, make-ends-meet-projects, Airbnb projects, trailers... You can find tools, ACs, flooring, doors, toilets, home furnishings, appliances, outdoor furnishings, lights...I mean really almost everything you might need that is related to home improvement projects.”


    “Our 1st visit was an excellent experience. We went in looking for items to renovate a house we got for mom (my dad passed a few weeks ago; we are moving mom to AZ). We found everything we were looking for and the customer service was above and beyond. BEST of ALL the pricing!!! I will definitely return.”
    Kristi B. Phoenix, AZ


    “Tons of great gifts at a reasonable price great people working at the front counter and throughout the store got at least a $150 worth of stuff for 50 bucks can't beat that
    David S. Phoenix, AZ

    “Brian, Kim and Bob are phenomenal!!!! They are very friendly, honest, and fair. Sale Sumo is the place to go! Talk about great deals. Don't waste your time or money elsewhere. I will definitely be back! Sale Sumo is also a huge supporter of first responders and military!!!!”
    Jason J. Gilbert, AZ


    “I am one of those persons that is constantly looking for a deal I can't help myself I hate to pay retail more than anything in this world I hate to pay retail so I searched around Phoenix and I found a place called Sale Sumo and when I say the prices are great that is an understatement we're talking phenomenal prices we're talking prices that are absolutely ridiculous."
    Evy B. Camelback East Village, Phoenix, AZ


    “Wow, just simply unbelievable. The deals are amazing, and the selection are endless. Can't wait to install the liner stone backsplash we picked up for less than half retail! We'll definitely be back
    Brandy K. Bakersfield, CA


    “We heard about it from friends but went in with low expectations. We ended up getting such an outstanding deal on patio furniture there was enough for a headboard! Great customer service from Brian and crew and be sure to mention if you are military/veteran. Thanks so much for everything, Sale Sumo!”
    Donna G. Phoenix, AZ


    “SaleSumo...... 5 's, and then some!!! THE best placece to get anything, ever, for your home. Literally built my house with everything from SaleSumo. Run, don't walk, and spend a half day looking through all of their items!!”
    Katie H. Litchfield Park, AZ


    “This place is amazing! Customer service is excellent. if you are off to Home Depot or any other big box hardware store make sure you stop here first I guarantee they will have what you were about to go purchase for less than half the price. Super reasonable people”
    Matt G. Tempe, AZ


    “Lots to look at, Bob is way cool. Fair prices, and mention yelp and they will give you a surprise. Worth the drive.”
    Tiff A. Mesa, AZ


    “So much to choose from! I would plan on spending some time here but it's worth the digging. Staff was really nice and helpful... def recommend checking it out !”
    Gigi J. Irvine, CA


    “Good place to find a deal. Lots of the warehouse is a bit like finding the needle in the haystack, so make sure you have a lot of time to look around. Bob was friendly and gave me such a good deal that I had to promise to leave a 5 star review.”
    Christy B. Deer Valley, Glendale, AZ


    “Just came here and found everything I need. Got like $600 worth of stuff for $200. They are willing to make deals and have anything you are looking for. Kim helped me out and made sure I got the best deal.”
    Luke B. Chandler, AZ


    “Kim was really helpful, on our first time visit she gave us a deal on buying the whole cart of items. I think I saved more than $1000 doing it that way. I was pretty happy with all the purchases and really glad I stopped in. Some hidden treasures for sure.”
    Buddy F. Queen Creek, AZ


    “Great service from Brian, great items, great prices! Will definitely be back throughout our home remodel process!”
    Keirstin S. Scottsdale, AZ


    “We love this place. We always find sweet deals on what we are looking for and Kim always hooks us up. Her customer service is always on point
    Cynthia S. Upland, CA


    “Went to sale sumo to buy a new ridged framing gun and amazed at how affordable their prices were compared to retail, unfortunately when I got back home I realized the trigger was missing from my gun so I had to make the hour drive back the very next morning to replace it dreading the hassle of returning an item at a store but when I arrived I couldn't have been more wrong Bob met me right at the front counter and was incredibly friendly and understanding about it and allowed me to swap it out with another gun with no hassle (which I inspected before leaving just in case) but even though I inspected it when I arrived home to test it I discovered that the firing pin was immovably stuck inside the gun and would not fire which I had no way of knowing until I actually tested it so once again I had to return to talk to Bob about it and once again I was greeted kindly and respectfully the entire time talking with Bob about the problem with the gun, once again bob was completely understanding and even gave me an upgraded version of the gun I had originally gotten. I’ve just gotten home and tested it just now and it is in perfect working condition third time was a charm. I don't blame SaleSumo whatsoever for the first two guns having issues because that is the gamble you take when shopping at any liquidation store, what sets sale sumo apart from every other store like them is their willingness to fix any problem I had immediately and insured I left happy with my purchase. I would like to thank the staff and Bob for being so helpful and friendly throughout the experience and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone who wants incredible service and unbeatable prices for their tools. I for one will definitely be making this my go to tool location from here on out thank your SaleSumo you guys r the best”
    Jose L. Maryvale Village, Phoenix, AZ


    “What a gem, simply put I love this place! Huge selection, great prices, peace out hardware store!!”
    Matt J. Chandler, AZ

    “Wow, what can I say? For power tools, this is the place to go! RYOBI, DEWALT, ETC. Met with Bob, owner, came up to us and helped. The customer service is 2nd to none. SALE SUMO would be a dream for electricians, plumbers, and DIY'ers. I could spend a whole day and not see half of what they have. A MUST visit for anyone.”
    Eric A. Phoenix, AZ


    “Last Friday we went to SaleSumo for the first time. We saw an advertisement and thought we would try it as we were in the market for a new kitchen faucet. Wow! It is a huge warehouse full of home improvement items. You could easily spend hours there - which we did! Tip - if you bundle multiple items, you will get a better deal! We left with far more than a kitchen faucet and saved over 50%. Thanks SaleSumo!”
    Trevor And Shelley T. Phoenix, AZ


    “First off let's just start with where have you been all my life! SaleSumo is the place to be for any household need! Brian and Kim are incredible with customer service to the price tag! If you’re not here shopping your definitely missing out!”
    Troy A. Peoria, AZ


    “I went to Sale Sumo today just to browse and I found a couple great deals. I was helped by Allen and Brian who provided great customer service.”
    Tanya D. Buckeye, AZ


    “This store is like a giant treasure hunt for home improvement projects and tools. It's easy to locate larger items but if you're looking some smaller items, you will likely need to do some digging but the savings are well worth it. The employees are nice, helpful, and willing to help as much as possible. The owner or manager Brian is nice, honest and easy to work with. I recommend this place to everyone I talk to whose needing tools or starting home improvement projects. We've purchased a paint sprayer, tool workbench, framing nail gun, French doors, a rain barrel, and several other smaller items. They've always stood behind the items they sell and if you encounter a problem, they are quick to make it right. On a side note, they seem to really love when they get individual homeowners in who are attempting to do their own projects. It's worth a trip out to see what they have.”
    Karen K. Phoenix, AZ


    “Great place for all random knick knacks and furniture for a new home. Brian was super helpful and gave me a great price on patio furniture. Will certainly be back for more!”
    Jasmine B. Phoenix, AZ


    “Brian and the team at Sale Sumo are amazing, helpful and gave us a killer deal on a tub!!!! Thank you and see you soon.”
    Debbie T. Avondale, AZ


    “Great quality products from well known brands for half the price. Just bought a house and needed a few items to update and after finding a great farmhouse sink, I have a feeling I will be coming back for a lot more! Bob is the owner and very personable. Employees helped me find exactly what I needed!”
    Shaena R. Scottsdale, AZ


    “Brian is the best !! bought $300 worth of stuff and he threw in virtual reality headset for me. He's so kind and helpful ! best guy with best service”
    Angelika W. North Mountain Village, Phoenix, AZ


    “THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Really friendly staff can't beat pricing. Just go in with an open mind and get ready to sift.”
    Rose M. Portland, OR


    “Omg! That was so much fun & amazing prices! Brian was super helpful! Can't believe how much we saved ... the trip is totally worth it!”
    Leanne L. Phoenix, AZ


    “Such a great place!!!!!! Bob is amazing and will meet your needs whether it's finding something or the cost when you walk out the door!”

    Ashle T. San Francisco, CA


    “Found on Yelp, after going to the local Big Box stores. 5 stars for saving us a ton of money! Sadly, our tenants abused our home so Today we are replacing every light fixture and 2 toilets. Making another list and going back to SaleSumo!”
    Gracie L. Paso Robles, CA


    “The prices at SaleSumo are UNBELIEVABLE! If you are in the business of flipping homes or just looking for items to modernize your current home, come to SaleSumo. They have the best deals in Phoenix hands down! This will be me new one stop shop for my home improvement needs. Thanks Bob and Big Mike!”
    David M. Estrella Village, Phoenix, AZ


    “Love Sale Sumo. Bob is a great guy, and they work with you on prices. I got tile for half of what Home Depot would’ve hit me with. On top of that Bob gave me a military discount. The customer service is phenomenal. I’m going back.”
    Larry H. North Mountain Village, Phoenix, AZ


    “Sale Sumo is a great place to find deals. And the staff are friendly, energetic, and helpful! The place is fun! Don't hesitate to check it out! Lex, Rafa, Kim, and many others if the staff have been a great help!”
    Mandy U. San Francisco, CA


    We been to other "warehouse" type sales stores in other parts of the country, but none like SaleSumo- they are over the top! Saw a piece on TV the other day and we thought that we would give it a try even though it's not quite around the corner from where we live in Gilbert.
    When we arrived all the parking spaces were filled, mostly with pickup trucks (which made sense since this is a renovator's and a builder's dream). We parked across the street and walked to the entry. To our amazement the warehouse was even bigger than we surmised - like entering a forest - which way do you go? We were looking for some track lighting to add to our kitchen and luckily there was a large group of ceiling fixtures and track lighting quite near the entry. There was soooo much stuff, we had to spend quite a bit of time sorting through the piles and piles of fixtures - and after about 45 minutes we actually found what we were looking for. Most of the lighting stuff was Hampton Bay (Home Depot's main brand, and Lowes carries some too), so the fixtures are of fair quality and most likely customer returns. As we searched, I was on my phone checking out the retail price for each item. If you have the Home Depot app, you can scan the barcode on the item's box and get that info right away. The staff, particularly Brian (the main man), were very helpful in giving us the "skinny" on how the pricing will work. We also learned that the more you buy, the bigger the discount. Finally we were ready to checkout (we thought) there was lighting fixtures in several places, and as I said the place was huge, so it took quite a long time to determine that we were satisfied with what we chose. So, we handed our stuff to Brian, he gave us a price (less than 50% of retail), yet he asked us if we had seen the lighting in yet another part of the store. A quick look but nothing new. We checked out and left. It was well worth the trip. Installation commences this weekend. You have to be ready to dig. Stuff in some cases is sorted and neatly piled. In other cases, it's just in a pile. But they have everything from power tools to appliances, and everything in between. If you are looking for great bargains on mostly customer returns - you have to check this place out. Don't forget to say hi to Brian when you come in - he knows where everything is and will give you a great bargain”
    John M. Gilbert, AZ


    “Amazing deals for your home! Great customer service too! New stuff all the time. Come down to get your project on!”
    Tyler M. Phoenix, AZ


    “Fantastic place with Tons of stuff. If you are remodeling or just doing some things around the house check this place out they have lots of stuff for cheap!”
    Shannon B. Buckeye, AZ


    “Bought a hanging light the other day and it was completely shattered. Went back today for a no hassle exchange and they took good care of me.”
    Ashly K. Glendale, AZ


    “We are remodeling our home and needed a bunch of random items and that is exactly what we found. Bob the owner was very helpful and kind. Prices were very reasonable.”
    Cindy R. Gilbert, AZ


    “We started off going in for a vanity and ended out with great deals of a few solid pieces of furniture. Kim helped us and was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. We weren't sure how we were going to get our items home back to Gilbert, but she arranged it for us to have a reasonably priced mover to take it to our home. Coming back again soon. I highly recommend it!”
    Angela Y. Mesa, AZ


    “Always come in and bob hooks up the best deals on materials, can't go wrong with sale sumo when it comes to remodeling your house or whatever project you're working on.”
    Aaron G. Scottsdale, AZ


    “It was our first time in SaleSumo, and we were absolutely happy with the superb customer service! The guy Bob who is at the cashier was so great on our first day he gave us a great deal with all the stuff we bought. The second time we have to return few items because we changed our minds on the stuff we bought. We were hoping to see Bob when we came because have favorited him since the first time, and we saw Kim, she said to look for whatever we want and so we did, we browse around and found more stuff than what we returned and we didn't expect Kim would be way better (lol, sorry Bob ) she took care of our returns and what we bought with such a great deal. This liquidation store is amazing, the people there are very helpful and with all the insane deals you get”
    Kristine M. Phoenix, AZ


    “Awesome selection, you can find everything you can think of for home renovations. Up to date styles and helpful staff. Kim was especially helpful in getting us a great deal. We will definitely be back!”
    Ashley M. Tempe, AZ


    “Kim and Alex were incredible!! I got an amazing deal on a tankless water heater here!! They have EVERYTHING you need for your home! Easy to talk to staff and friendly.”
    D B. Phoenix, AZ


    “Thank you 8-pound 6 ounce, newborn baby Jesus for the gift of SaleSumo. This place has been knocking it out of the park for me the last two years. If you're that guy who gets all charged and pumped up after watching a YouTube tutorial or an eight hour marathon of Property Brothers on how to man up, take the skirt off, and remodel a small bathroom, SaleSumo is the place for you! I now have risen He-Man’s sword to the sky several times chanting" The Power of Grey Skulls" and completing 3 full bathrooms, one kitchen and master bedroom remodel, saving HE-MAN THOUSANDS on the tools to complete the job and the fixtures that makes the wife call me "The King." Donald Trump himself admitted he came up with "IT'S GONNA BE HUGE" after Big Bob gave the man an unbeatable deal on a 80" gold-plated ceiling fan (true story). That's right...WINNING! It's a family run business and everybody is great to work with. Big Bob's defiantly the celebrity, bad-boy of the group, who came to fame back in 1998 after shocking the world and winning American Idol with only sign language....the kind of guy you want to have a beer with after replacing the brakes on a 1963 Impala. But the SaleSumo brothers just recently added a new addition to the group. Her names Kim...She is the baby sister to the Great an Powerful Sumo brothers.... and ...she is on FIRE with the deals. Real smart girl that will beat Big Bob's deals all -day- long. Yup, the kind girl you want to bring to a fancy establishment like Texas Roadhouse and discus the mind-bottling world of liquidation warehouse stuff over a cactus blossom and full rack of ribs .......God bless you, SaleSumo for the man you made me, today”
    Osca'Da X. Gilbert, AZ


    “Great deals and great staff! Appreciated the customer service and everyone's willingness to help find what we needed, get us checked out promptly and loaded. It is super hot at their warehouse but well worth it! They even offered us water and as a special treat, got to shop in the air-conditioned room for faucets. We will definitely be returning in the near future and plan to spread the word!:)”
    Tory S. Mesa, AZ


    “This place is a Disneyland for the home improvement enthusiasts! We are remodeling our home and found this place by accident. SaleSumo has every imaginable home repair material and is priced so well. Reliable staff and honest products (you know what you're getting). We ended up getting a large 73" dual sink marble top vanity, 2 extra large toilets, and a barn door. I won't tell you the price because it was so darn cheap!! Now we are heading back to look through the faucets, can lights, vent hood and more. Yes, they have them all! Ask for Ozzy to help you look through the stuff and ask for Brian to get you a good deal. Work with Brian instead of his brother! Brian definitely did not tell me to say that.”
    Eugene L. Phoenix, AZ


    “You seriously must come here before trying any other home improvement store. I just purchased two vanities, multiple faucets, ceramic tile, air filters and other random products for my remodel. I spent probably 1/3 of what I would expect anywhere else.... and Sumo has a guarantee, so you don't have to worry about what you are getting. Kim was awesome and so was Lana on my last visit. I have been here multiple times and always receive great service from the entire staff, including Brian and Bob. They greet and treat you like an old friend here. In the past I have purchased mailboxes, lighting, power tools, and more.... and have never had an issue with quality. A few reviews say this place is a mess, but Sumo is constantly getting in new products and does a really good job of organizing their merchandise. Every time I go in, it gets even better and better. Besides if you can't find something, just ask. I couldn't find the right faucet, so I asked, and they showed me exactly what I needed. Thank you Sumo for the service you provide.”
    Robert S. Phoenix, AZ


    “I just left sale sumo. After reading many reviews I thought I would check this place out for myself. I'm remodeling a master bathroom on a budget and looking to save money anyway that I can. I feel like I just hit the lottery!! This place is amazing! Antonio helped me and he was so patient and helpful! Big Bob is the best!! He made me a deal that I'm still amazed by!! I will be back for sure for more items. LOVE LOVE LOVE SaleSumo!!”
    Lisa S. Phoenix, AZ


    “Love this place. Frequent customer and they always give great deals. Coming back soon. Kim and Brian were great. Especially Kim.”
    Mark P. Phoenix, AZ


    “A scavenging adventure definitely worth the time to get a great deal! I highly recommended making this your first and last stop. Have your measurements ready though, we have to return tomorrow to look some more!! Looking forward to seeing what I can find tomorrow!”
    Mastora A. Elk Grove, CA


    “I was skeptical at first when I heard about how good the deals, we're at SaleSumo. Boy was I wrong. The employees were SUPER friendly, and Kim gave us an amazing discount. I just bought a house and had to buy 5 fans. I got a Dyson vacuum and patio umbrella as well retailing over $1100. I only paid $550!!! Definitely coming back.”
    Brian L. Glendale, AZ


    “Kim was super nice some we walked in the door. She greeted us and showed us around. They gave us a great deal on 5 fans, vacuum, and other parts for $575. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to upgrade or remodel.”
    Charlie P. Avondale, AZ


    “2 Hampton Rugs (outside) for $40. Can't beat it! Will be back!!!!!! They were very kind people and I appreciate that!”

    H L. Riverside, CA


    “Looking for super nice deals come down to sale sumo for home or business needs. Bring your measurement with and find deals galore.Thanks Kim for all your help.”
    Ronald S. Goodyear, AZ


    “Brian, Bob, Kim, Alex, Al, Ozzy and the rest of the crew here are super helpful to make sure you can find what you're looking for. They have so much stuff, and are constantly getting more, that I have to come by a couple times a week to try and keep up. Luckily, it's always a pleasant experience dealing with these folks, and I always get a deal. Especially if you're working on your own home, you'll save a boatload of cash coming here. I stop here first for anything I need for my projects, and soon I imagine you will too.”
    Ryan L. Phoenix, AZ


    “Wow this place is awesome for any DIY projects or home improvement renovations! Have a great selection and affordable pricing. Staff is very pleasant to work with and helpful.”
    Derek J. Chandler, AZ


    “Our first time at Sumo Sales - WOW! The treasures are unbelievable. I would highly recommend anyone looking for items for their home, whether it is a bathroom vanity, kitchen sink, light fixtures or tools and SO many more items, before you go to home a big box store - check out SaleSumo! The selection and deals are absolutely unbeatable!!”
    Jennifer B. Spokane, WA


    “I found a hidden GEM! In my ongoing search for a bathroom vanity that wasn't of the cookie cutter kind, I found this place on Yelp. I read some reviews and noticed everyone said the same things about the owner, Bob (basically how great he is). Didn't actually figure I'd run into him. So, I strolled in on a random Wednesday, figuring I'd find nothing no different from what I'd been finding at other places. Man was I wrong (not the first time). First, let me say this (advice and/or warning): go here with some time! I expected to go in and out. But there's SO much to see here. It takes some digging and looking through if you're not above that. I'm not. Blinds, window treatments, cabinetry, indoor and outdoor lighting, chandeliers, fans, toilets, tubs, tiles, furniture, desks, closets, bathroom vanities, tables, hoses, every imaginable fixture and so much more. The place is huge.Upon my entrance, was greeted in the best way by Bob who quickly introduced himself, offered me a measuring tape, and pointed me in the right direction of what I said I was looking for. Occasionally a young man would come by to check on me, see if I needed any help and was really helpful. Other than that, they let me be and I was in there for 2 hours. Found a great bathroom cabinet and a few other things at great prices. I'm so glad I found this place and highly recommend it to anyone looking to do home improvements.”
    Lisa S. Phoenix, AZ


    “Went to browse ended up buying and making a great deal for a cabinet and sink for a bathroom remodel. This place is awesome. And the prices are great. Before you pay retail check this place out you might find a gem in the rough.”
    Michael A. Avondale, AZ

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    SaleSumo is the liquidation leader in selling new, reconditioned, and certified home improvement items. At SaleSumo you never have to worry with our iron clad exchange policy! If you don't love it, we offer an in-store credit or exchange no questions asked!

    Will You Have The Item I Want?

    SaleSumo sells its incredible inventory on a first come first serve basis. Due to the incredible word of mouth regarding SaleSumo, everything sells super fast. Our inventory gets updated almost daily, and many people are now shopping here many times a week!

    How Often Does SaleSumo Get New Items?

    SaleSumo brings in giant truckloads all the time. We are one of the largest buyers of new and reconditioned tools and home improvement items anywhere in the United States...and we are right here in Phoenix!

    How Are Your Prices So Low?

    Our Philosophy is simple. We do volume and take care of our customers.

    How Much Money Will I Save?

    A Bundle. We have become the wise consumers choice for high quality Tools and Home Improvement Items.

    SaleSumo has blown up thanks satisfied home-owners, house flippers, and contractors saving big.

    Isn't it time you see for yourself why everyone is talking about SaleSumo?

    What Name Brands Does SaleSumo Carry?

    We carry all the main brands that are carried at the big box stores. You name it, we usually have it.

    Do You Buy From The Public?

    Absolutely Not. We only buy from the world's leading manufactures and big box stores. 

    Can Wholesalers, Liquidators, and Auction Buyers Purchase Directly From SaleSumo?

    Absolutely. As a matter of fact, they are all coming!

    Everyone Is Talking about SaleSumo.

    Can I Just Come In?

    Absolutely. Everyone is invited.

    Do You Accept All Major Credit Cards?


    Will You Cary My Items Out To My Car For Me?

    Absolutely. We call it our white glove carry out, and it’s free!

    Are You Open Today?

    Absolutely! Saving money right now is so important that we have regular hours for customers.

    Monday through Friday 8-5

    Saturday and Sunday 8-4

    Are You Hiring For Warehouse Jobs?

    Yes! Please come into the warehouse and fill out an application. We are looking for dedicated people!

  • Homeowners, House Flippers, DIY'ers, Resellers, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Auction Buyers, and anybody that loves an amazing deal....

    Your Invited!

  • Yes, SaleSumo Remains Open During This Challenging Time.

    As an essential business, SaleSumo will remain open. Please shop safe, and we ask all of our customers to practice social distancing and other sanitary practices while visiting our store. We are happy to continue to offer essential household supplies and other much needed hardware and home improvement items to our valued customers.


    Thank you for your business.


    Stay healthy and stay safe!

    Team SaleSumo